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There is nothing New Under the Sun

End Times Prophecy Conference, America and the Occult, Back to the Future and the Days of Noah

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About the Conference


The Back to the Future Conference focus is to provide you with the knowledge and insight to be prepared for the troubled times in which we all live.  The scripture tells us that God's people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge.  The organizer of this conference agrees, which is why he is providing this platform for the truth to be revealed.

This conference series seeks to use history, logic, reason, research, and God's word to seek truth and light in a world where truth seems to be replaced with lies and propaganda.  The subjects of religion, faith, the paranormal, the supernatural, UFO's, ET, Giants , Mythology, and the origins of this world are explored. We will look back in time to find the future of tomorrow.

I hope you will join us as we endeavor to seek the truth together on our quest for truth in a world filled with lies and deceit. Remember, the learning never stops!

About Me

2017 Conference Location

Courtyard Marriott
12330 N Interstate Hwy 35
Austin, Texas 78753

Conference Organizer

Conference Organizer John Gabrielson

John Gabrielson, Founder

John was born and raised in Glendale, CA and graduated from the Master's College in 1997 with a BA Degree in History.  He and his family moved to Texas in 2004 when he became a Texas Peace Officer.  John resides in Leander, TX with his beautiful wife Tiffany and four children.

Prior to moving to Texas, John served on the Greater Los Angeles Area Awana Ministry Team serving churches across Los Angeles, CA, teaching, and organizing area wide events.

John is a researcher, who loves history, and is a gifted teacher. He studies God's word and is not afraid to ask the hard questions and challenge traditional thinking on many subjects. 

In 2013, John founded the Back to the Future Conference as a way to reach people, bringing hope and understanding to the uncertain times in which we all live. John has a background in sales, marketing, education, coaching, and law enforcement, but most of all he loves Yahweh and his son Yeshua who shed his blood so we might be saved from sin and death.